Achieving Together

Our mission is to enable ex-military personnel to achieve their full potential in post-service careers through our common values, mutual support, teamwork, mentorship, and the network's connectivity.


Who We Are

The Treble Victor Group is a not-for-profit networking group established to enable ex-military personnel to achieve their full potential in post-service careers.

The common thread among all members is pride in past service, a recognition of the shared values and expectations that come with military service, and a desire to help others grow their post-service careers.


Our Members

All members of Treble Victor Group have served in the military at some time. Some still serve as Regular Force or Reservists, but most have successfully transitioned or are in the process of transitioning to fulfilling careers outside the military.

We believe that the leadership training and experience we received through military service is unparalleled, yet it is generally undervalued, not recognized, or just plain misunderstood in the marketplace.

Through our activities, the profile of Treble Victor and its members and our mutual achievements & successes we wish to gradually and sustainably raise the expectations of service leavers and those who recruit service leavers.

We are rank and service agnostic. Anyone with CAF Service or in any of Canada's allies is welcome to apply for membership of our network.

Our members remain connected through the experience of ‘service to country’ and by our shared principles of:

Mutual Support

Integrity in All We Do

Network For Success

Direct in Style, Words & Deeds


Why Should I Join?


You are looking to expand your network to grow your business or career. Connect to a network of veterans and veteran advocates who actively support one another in a career after service


We have 450 Members across Canada with yearly growth of 10-15%. We're governed by a National Board and 7 Regional Chapters in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Edmonton, Fredericton & Halifax.


We host regular events and activities to raise the veteran profile in corporate Canada. They are your chance to meet in person or virtually with the Treble Victor community.


Gain access to Members-only content, LinkedIn group, and Business Profiles and Business Listings to support marketing efforts. Receive a unique 3V lapel pin.

Who Can Join?

We welcome service members from all parts of the Canadian Armed Forces, including the Army, Navy and Air Force, and those who have served within Canada's allies. All ranks are welcome, and there are no minimum service requirements. We do require that an existing member of the group refer you. If you don't know anyone, we can help you find one. Please email us: [email protected]

All Service Members Welcome

All Ranks Welcome

Canadian Armed Forces & Allies

No Minimum Service Requirement


Read our Q&A on joining.

It is not about who you were in the military, but about who you want to become.


Success Stories

Success Story- Henry Shen.

In the fall of 2012, I left the military unsure of what the future held. I spent many months seeking employment unsuccessfully...

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Success Story- David Fascinato

In October 2012, Will Thompson invited me to attend Treble Victor’s Veterans on Bay Street event. We shared a common...

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Success Story- Martin Kenneally

I joined 3V in 2011 as I had decided on return from Afghanistan to transition to a civilian career. I spent several years applying...

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