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Who Can Join?

Our mission is to enable ex-military personnel to achieve their full potential in the post service careers, through our common values, teamwork, mentorship and our network’s connectivity. Given our mission, membership to Treble Victor Group is restricted to those who have served in the military.

We welcome men and women from all parts of the Canadian Armed Forces including Army, Navy and Air Force as well as those who have service within international militaries. All ranks are welcome and there are no minimum service requirements. We do however require that you are referred by an existing member of the group.

Member Benefits

Access to 3V Network

This includes access to our Linkedin network.

Invitation to All 3V Events

Invitation to participate at all 3V events.

Access to Members Only Area

Gain access to members only content.

3V Lapel Pin

Receive a unique 3V lapel pin.

Voting Privileges

Voting privileges at Annual General Meeting

Access to Other Affiliate Networks

Gain access to members only content.

Sponsorship Rights

Permitted to Sponsor potential members.

Event Support

“Event Support” if you are OPI for the event.

Success Stories

“I have just transitioned from politics in New Brunswick to banking in Toronto. This was only possible because of the support I received from my friends in the 3V network. In particular, Bob Berube was a huge help in preparing me for the job interview. Both Paul Carroll and Dwayne Hobbs have been very supportive in welcoming me to Scotiabank. Will Thompson from Ottawa has been a huge source of strategic guidance and advice. Robert Buckingham, David Mack and many have supported me through this process, and continue to help me get established in this new city and career. Thank you.”


“While attending what is now worth describing as a Treble Victor ‘‘Billion Dollar Speaker’s Breakfast’ this past spring in Toronto I was introduced to the CEO and Senior Partner of a one of the largest professional services firms in Canada. During the breakfast conversation I received a referral to contact this firm’s Ottawa office to help with my business. The an end result of this connection was that I was able save my business more than $500K and I received a roadmap for future comparable savings.

I would encourage all members to attend Treble Victor functions as often as possible. Business is about creating deals and that means getting out and meeting new people who in fact are already groomed to behave in like fashion. So even if you are an out of town member make the effort to attend events, deliberately choose to make something happen by meeting someone and watch your network grow.”

“I was deployed in Afghanistan when I got three emails from 3V for a financial management opportunity: one email was a general note to all members, while the other two were from 3V members who thought of me as a good fit for the role, including one who already worked for the employer.

Within days of my return, I successfully interviewed and was hired to be a senior financial manager within the C-suite executive team. The 3V network was the catalyst to link my uniformed operational/strategic skills into the managerial leadership corporate Canada needs and wants. I could not be happier at this opportunity of a lifetime.”

“As an Investment Advisor, one of the success factors is my ability to gather assets. I have been a member of Treble Victor Group for over 5 years and the connections that I made either directly or indirectly though the Group have had a very positive impact on my business. More than 20 of my clients and $25,000,000 of assets under management can be attributed to my involvement with Treble Victor Group. The power of networking with a group of people who share common values and a goal of helping others succeed is what Treble Victor Group is all about. Since networking and reaching out to business executives is one of my primary avenues for growing my business, I have also been able to assist several members of 3V by connecting them with my network. You certainly reap what you sow!”

“3V has provided me with unparalleled support in my transition to civilian life. I have found a network of like minded people, with a common set of values and perspectives with whom I can connect and who are willing to provide advice and guidance. Through a connection made by a member of 3V, I was offered employment fairly soon after leaving the army and I continue to rely on members of the group to better explore the varied industries in the GTA and establish myself in the community.”

“Treble Victor was incredibly important in helping my transition out of the military because when I decided to leave I pursued an opportunity that was far away from my friends and family. When that opportunity did not work out as planned I was stuck in a tough spot with no real support system to speak of. When I read the article on a 3V member in the Globe and Mail, I decided to reach out and see what this ex-military network was all about. I was thrilled when I went to my first outing at the Metropolitan because I met so many kind and like minded individuals. It was an instant group of friends and colleagues who shared similar experiences and who knew exactly what I was going through. The transition out of the military can be difficult and it was great to know that others had difficulty in finding that same passion that we all had while actively serving.

Treble Victor was also instrumental in allowing me to quickly build a network and start pursing opportunities that I was passionate about. Between the members of Treble Victor almost every single industry is represented and it was great to find out what certain industries were all about then be able to actively pursue opportunities in that space. It took some time to find the right opportunity, but ultimately it was through 3V and people who support 3V that I was able to land my dream job in Private Equity. The system clearly works and can open many doors, but ultimately it is up to the member to walk through those doors.”

“I am a UK-born Canadian citizen who arrived in Ontario with my young family in the summer of 2012. Our relocation took place at the end of a highly successful 21-year career with the UK Royal Air Force, during which time I was privileged to serve as a frontline Harrier and Tornado pilot. My wife and I made the decision to relocate the family in Oakville and then look for a new job, utilising the generous resettlement period that the RAF had provided specifically for completing career transition activities. I suspected it would be easier to conduct my job search after I had arrived in Canada rather than attempt it from the UK. However, I also anticipated that considerable challenges lay ahead, not only because I was attempting to land my first job outside the military environment, but also because I had chosen to undertake my job search in a country that I had not previously lived in. Unsurprisingly, my progress during the initial months after my arrival was slow and opportunities to make tangible progress in securing an appropriate job that matched my experience and skill sets appeared to be limited.

However, the game-changing moment came along, and as is often the case, at a point when you least expect it. A conversation with a friend after a game of poker connected me to an ex-officer from the British Army who was working in Toronto as a Program Director for RBC. This new contact had heard great things about Treble Victor and knew of its intent to provide mutual support to ex-military personnel and assist them in, where possible, in achieving a successful transition to civilian employment; he suggested that I got in touch with the organisation as soon as possible.

From the first contact I had with a member of Treble Victor and every interaction that has taken place since, everyone I have come in to contact with has been welcoming, supportive and extremely generous with their time. There was genuine sincerity and reassurance that came from everyone I met from Treble Victor, and the one-to-one follow-up attention that was afforded to me by specific individuals within the group who volunteered to personally counsel me was truly outstandingly. Through the Treble Victor organisation I was afforded the means to distil exactly what I wanted to achieve from my next job, and was then given the opportunity to meet up with senior executives from suitable companies that had identified themselves to Treble Victor as being open-minded to the considerable benefits of recruiting from the ex-military talent pool. This networking facilitation alone completely transformed my job seeking experience and led to almost instant results.

My fortune quickly turned around thanks to the considerable injection of energy provided by the Treble Victor team, and I have now started my training to become a Store Manager with Wal-Mart, an appointment that will test my leadership acumen to the full whilst offering me similar array of managerial challenges and opportunities that were familiar to me throughout my military life. I am excited to be working for a world-class organisation that can provide me with vast opportunities to grow and achieve professional success. However, I am absolutely convinced that I would not have landed such a well-fitting job in Canada without the dedicated and generous assistance of Treble Victor. Thank you.”

Back in the late Autumn, Josh Makuch sent out a note to a number of 3V members that former CF officer Rob Semrau was looking for work, ideally in security consulting. Most 3V members likely know Rob Semrau as the officer who was accused of shooting a badly injured Taliban insurgent in Afghanistan, dismissed from the CF, and also who wrote an account of his experience called The Taliban Don’t Wave. Through the 3V network, Rob was able to speak to a number of different people and was eventually able to find work through Alex Lomasney and his family’s contacts in Burundi. Although Rob is not a member of 3V this is a success story on a couple of levels. First, it shows that the strength of the network and the altruistic manner in which this network seeks ways to serve our fellow comrades in arms. Second, this story also demonstrates how relatively new members of 3V (both Josh and Alex joined in the last 12 months) have the ability to have impact and contribute in a meaningful way. Well done to Josh and Alex!

“After parting ways with the Bay St. legal world, I was determined to find a small, general practice law firm in downtown Toronto where I could start to build my practice. Unfortunately the job market for new lawyers these days is particularly tough and I wasn’t able to find a good fit. That’s when I made the decision to take the bull by the horns, and build my own law practice from the ground up – advising entrepreneurs and small business. The support of our 3V network helped to give me the confidence that I needed to make the leap. Whether it’s helping me to find senior lawyers willing to give business advice and mentorship, or referring me business, the ongoing support has been almost overwhelming. I look forward to being able to pay it forward!”
– Mike Hook

“I joined 3V in 2011 as I had decided on return from Afghanistan to transition to a civilian career. I spent several years applying in different fields, but finally found the right fit. The day I deployed on my sixth operational tour (to Israel/West Bank) I two great items of news: I was promoted to full Colonel, and the Organizing Committee of the Pan Am Games was offering me the role of Senior Director Security and Accreditation for the 2015 Pan Am Games. I remained in Israel as a Colonel and Task Force Deputy Commander for another five months, and transitioned over a period of one week on return to Canada out of the Canadian Forces and into the Pan Am job. It has gone extremely well and I am very pleased and grateful to all the advice and assistance received from 3V members. The most valuable aspects for me were personal stories and advice on strategies to be successful. Thanks especially to Cliff Trollope.” Martin Kenneally

“In October 2012, Will Thompson invited me to attend Treble Victor’s Veterans on Bay Street event. We shared a common background, having both served overseas in the military’s Influence Activities unit. With that experience top of mind, it was my intent to leverage my skills and attributes and break into a career in marketing communications. From the beginning, my introduction to the group and its members was an extremely rewarding experience. In the weeks and months following Veterans on Bay Street, I met with a variety of members, learning different strategies and approaches that would enable me to succeed in the marketplace. I was introduced to Nicholas Austin, a former advertising executive, who graciously agreed to mentor me through my transition and networking efforts. In November, Nicholas introduced me to Adam Wall, General Manager at Weber Shandwick, a full-service integrated communications agency. In January, Weber Shandwick hired me on for a three-month contract, and in May, decided to make me a full-time, permanent member of their team. Having successfully made the leap, it’s now my goal to support Treble Victors mission by giving back as much as possible to the group and its membership.” -David Fascinato

“In the fall of 2012, I left the military unsure of what the future held. I spent many months seeking employment unsuccessfully at which point I decided to reach out to a few veterans on LinkedIn for assistance. Tom Quigley was gracious enough to respond and invite me to a 3V function. Through the organization, I not only met members who generously offered much needed career advice and perspective but also clients who supported my menswear start-up.

With new-found direction, I decided that returning to school and pursuing my MBA would be a good launching pad for the next phase of my career. Many months later, I am happy to say that I will be moving to NYC this summer and attending NYU Stern’s full-time MBA program on a full scholarship with the goal of transitioning to an investment banking career in New York. I could not be more excited to pursue this path and none of it would be possible without the priceless advice given by 3V members.” – Henry Shen