Job Opportunities

Job title: Operations Manager

Classification: Full-time, Permanent Reporting To: CEO

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Summary: We are hiring an Operations Manager to join our multi-talented team in the fast-paced Health & Safety consulting and training business. We are looking for someone who is client-focussed, detail-oriented, diligent, collaborative, and self-motivated. Starting compensation ranges between $50K – $65 K

Functions: The Operations Manager is responsible for keeping track of the big picture and identifying potential areas of productivity improvement for our growing company. Responsibilities include: • Diligently running the day to day operations of the company • Long-term planning to create initiatives that further the company’s overall goals • Support the team members to coordinate the exchange of ideas and provide learning opportunities • Assessing and analyzing departmental budgets to minimize expenses and optimize profits • Inspiring and motivating team members to perform at their best through positive encouragement. • Communicating with the senior management about shifting company priorities and projects requiring attention • Identifying potential problems and points of friction and working to find solutions that maximize efficiency and revenue • Identifying opportunities to expand or shift course in order to take advantage of changes in the market • Oversee all aspects of staff management, performance, and training, with regular reviews. • Conduct quality review audits, implementing solutions to any non-conformances identified, ensuring service delivery is meeting delivery standards. • Participate in expansion activities (governmental and corporate alliances). • Developing and cascading the organization’s strategy/mission statement through all levels of the organization, and implementing rewards/recognition, coaching/corrective action practices to align personnel with corporate goals. • Maintaining and monitoring staffing levels, knowledge-skills-attributes, expectations, and motivation to fulfill organizational requirements.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: • Must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, ideally in operations management, business, or a related field, MBA preferred • Excellent interpersonal skills including teamwork, conflict resolution, negotiation, and customer relationship management. • Detail-oriented with exceptional organizational skills. • Excellent proficiency in computer programs

Experience and Requirements: The Operations Manager serves in a senior position and, as such, they are expected to have significant prior experience when applying for the position • Proven experience as an Operations Manager or comparable role. • Understanding of business functions as HR, Finance, Marketing, etc. . • Strong leadership qualities with a demonstrated track record of dealing successfully with all workplace parties. • Outstanding organizational and leadership abilities • Aptitude in decision-making and problem-solving.

Working Conditions: • Office Setting: sedentary, meetings and computer-based work. • Occasional travel to vendor/client sites.

P: (866) 706-7283  F.A.S.T. Rescue Incorporated 750 Oakdale Rd., Suite 56 Toronto ON M3N 2Z4

E: [email protected]